Triumph 2000, 2500, 2500S, 2500TC, 2.5PI ignition parts.

HT / plug leads, distributor caps, spark plugs, ignition coils, conact (points) sets, rotor arms, condensers, Low tension wire.

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Distributor Cap for Lucas DKY4 Distributors. DDB111 AAA4772LUCAS

DDB111 distributor cap to suit Lucas DKY4A distributors This cap comes with Brass washers and aco..

$32.39 AUD

Distributor Vacuum Pipe Connector Set - Rubber 12B20-SetA

Distributor vacuum pipe Set Two pieces.Sold as the Pair!!Includes : 1 x  Vacuum Pipe 90 De..

$5.56 AUD

Distributor Vacuum Plastic pipe with Two Rubber connectors. 37H4229MKIT

Distributor vacuum plastic pipe with rubber connectors. 37H4229MKITIncludes the pipe and the Straigh..

$11.91 AUD

DRB104C High Quality Red Rotor Arm. Lucas Distributor 45d4, 45d6, 59d4. GRA2114HQRED

Genuine Lucas fully bonded rotor armCompatible with Distributor Lucas 43d, 45d4, 45d6, 59d  fro..

$12.43 AUD

Ignition Coil - Sport Coil 3.0 Ohms 12 Volt Non Ballasted TT2981

Ignition Coil Sport Coil  3.0 Ohms  12 Volt  Non Ballasted    TT2981Sports ..

$55.60 AUD

Lucas Distributor Cap DDB113 for 6 cyl British cars 1974 GDC137LUCAS

Lucas 45D6 Distributor Cap GDC137, Lucas part number: DDB113. Applications include the following ..

$30.19 AUD

LUCAS Distributor Cap DDB115 for 6 cylinder engines 22d6 & 25d6 JLM9523

Fits Lucas 22d6 & 25d6 Distributors for 6 cylinder engines fitted to many 1960s 6 cylinder Briti..

$66.47 AUD

Lucas DSB101C Points Set for 22d, 23d & 25d distributors. GCS2101LUCAS

Suits Lucas DM2P4, 25d, 22d, 23d, 29d distributors approximately 1955 to 1974. These distributors on..

$9.07 AUD

Lucas DSB108C points set for 43d & 45d distributors. GCS1180E

Suits Lucas 43d and 45d distributors both 4 and 6 cylinder approximately 1974 to 1980 Alternative..

$13.34 AUD

Points Set for DM2P4, 25d, 22d, 23d, 29d Distributors - 501466

Points Set for DM2P4, 25d, 22d, 23d, 29d Distributors - 501466Suits Lucas DM2P4, 25d, 22d, 23d, 29dT..

$47.65 AUD

Powermax Lucas 43D, 45D 59D Rotor Arm R2-Powerspark

Lucas 43D, 45D 59D Rotor Arm Moulded Not Riveted By PowermaxThe Powermax R2 Moulded Rotor Arm&n..

$11.09 AUD

Powermax Lucas 22D6, 25D6 DMBZ6A Rotor Arm Moulded 6 Cylinder Anti-Clockwise R4-Powerspark

Lucas 22D6, 25D6 Rotor Arm Moulded Not Riveted By Powermax Counter Clockwise Rotation (R4)The P..

$11.88 AUD

Powerspark - Lucas 25D Distributor Condenser PO3C-Powerspark

Condenser to suit many vehicles and distributors being a "tail mount" style condensor.This condenser..

$7.93 AUD

Distributor Housing to Extension Spindle O-ring - A Series Engines. 13H2792

Distributor Housing to Extension Spindle O-ring  - A Series Engines.   13H2792O RING ..

$2.74 AUD