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Cooling / Heating
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A Series Engine Water Pump BMC - Large Impeller GWP134

BMC A Series Engine Water Pump  - Large Impeller   GWP134Large impeller version of th..

$63.54 AUD

A Series Engine Water Pump - Large Impeller GWP134EVO

Large impeller version of the A series water pump GWP134. Uprated, with Cast steel impellor. (not pr..

$71.29 AUD

A Series Engine Water Pump - Small Impeller GWP132

BMC & Leyland A Series Engine Water Pump - Small Impeller    GWP132Fits small A series..

$55.60 AUD

Gasket BMC A -Series Engines Water Pump Gasket GUG705555GM

BMC Water Pump Gasket     A -series Engines    . GUG705555GMWater pump gask..

$6.91 AUD

Gasket BMC & Leyland Water Pump Gasket A - Series Engines 88G215

Water Pump Gasket   A - Series Engines  88G215 848cc, 948cc, 998cc, 1098cc, 1275cc..

$3.93 AUD

Gasket Thermostat BMC A & B Series Engines GTG101MS

Thermostat Gasket composite Paper BMC A & B Series Engines   GTG101MSHeavy Duty Thick ..

$3.93 AUD

Gasket Thermostat Housing Cork BMC A & B Series Engines GTG101

Thermostat Cork Gasket  BMC A & B Series Engines   GTG101Fits all A series and B ..

$3.93 AUD

Heater Tap Base. Morris Minor , Sprite & Midget ACA5456

Heater tap base. Threaded as illustratedAlternate part numbers:88G588  ACA5456As typically used..

$13.47 AUD

Heater Tap Gasket for Brass Heater Tap (88G588) (Sold as a pair) 88G221-SetA

Heater Tap Gasket for Brass Heater Tap (88G588)    88G221Sold as a pair......  This m..

$3.93 AUD

Mini bypass hose (fluted) 12A1093MS

Mini bypass hose (fluted). 12A1093 or 10M228Easy-fit bypass hose to fit A-Series BMC engines as fitt..

$7.55 AUD

Radiator Cap 4 P.S.I (Pounds Per Square inch) GRC103

Radiator Pressure Cap.  4 Pounds Per Square inch PSI.It is extremely important to have the corr..

$9.50 AUD

Temperature Transmitter Sender Unit GTR104

Temperature Transmitter / Sender. GTR104Thread Size: 5/8-18" UNF,Number of Poles: 1,Spanner Size: 16..

$15.01 AUD

Thermostat - 75 degree C. (167 Degrees F) GTS102

Thermostat - 75 deg.C. (167 Degrees F)   GTS102Hot climate or summer use thermostat. 75deg..

$11.12 AUD

Triumph, MGB , Morris Minor Temperature Gauge Adapter - Brass fitting. TE5

Temperature gauge adapter - Brass fitting. TE5  (reverts to: 11K2846  )Allows fitting of m..

$18.80 AUD

BMC & Austin Healey Brass Engine Block Coolant Drain Tap 3H576

Brass Engine Block Drain Tap   3H576Engine Block Coolant Drain Tap to Suit: MGA, MGB, M..

$47.65 AUD

Bypass Hose Adaptor. Classic Mini, MG Midget, Morris Minor 12A2075

Bypass hose adaptor. 12A2075 or 10M227 MG Midget, Mini, Morris Minor etc.This is the longe..

$14.20 AUD