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MG Parts

HCL are a New Zealand (Auckland) based specialist suppliers for MGA, MGB, MGC, MG TC, TD & TF and MG Midget parts and accessories. We also have some access to rare and hard to find parts for MG 1100 and Magnette.

We carry a wide range of parts for all classic MG's  including  Roadsters, BGT & GT V8.

We can help with your car restoration project / rebuild by importing from specialists all over the world and offering you the comfort of buying locally. Please contact us to see how much time, money and hassle you can save by allowing us to quote for your restoration project parts.

If you don't see what you are looking for in the categories below, or need some advice, please contact us on 09 9157179 or email

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10 inch Stainless Steel Wiper Blade (5.2mm Bayonet) GWB219

10 inch Stainless steel wiper blade      GWB21910 inch (254mm) stainless steel wiper ..

$18.24 AUD

10 Inch Wiper Blade. Stainless Steel for 7.1mm arm.Lucas Brand GWB141LUCAS.

10" (254mm) Wiper Blade. Stainless steel for 7.1mm arm.Lucas Brand   GWB141LUCAS.Stainless..

$27.37 AUD

13 Inch Stainless Steel Classic Wiper Blade GWB144Z

Stainless Steel classic wiper blades 13" (330mm) GWB144ZSuit MGB GT from 1969 on with 7.2mm wide wip..

$34.17 AUD

7" Headlamp Stainless Headlight Trim Ring. Classic Mini Triumph TR4 -TR6 500929

7" Headlamp chrome rim. 500929. This ring has the hole on the bottom side for the securing screw. ..

$65.93 AUD

A Series Double Valve Spring Set. General use. Mini, Morris Minor, MG Midget. C-AEA525

A-series Engine double valve spring set. General use for Mini, Morris Minor, MG Midget 1275, Austin ..

$71.52 AUD

A Series Engine Water Pump BMC - Large Impeller GWP134

BMC A Series Engine Water Pump  - Large Impeller   GWP134Large impeller version of th..

$63.54 AUD

A Series Engine Water Pump - Large Impeller GWP134EVO

Large impeller version of the A series water pump GWP134. Uprated, with Cast steel impellor. (not pr..

$71.29 AUD

A Series Engine Water Pump - Small Impeller GWP132

BMC & Leyland A Series Engine Water Pump - Small Impeller    GWP132Fits small A series..

$55.60 AUD

Air Filter Element MGB GFE1003

MGB standard air filter GFE1003. (2 required per car) MGB GT & MGB Roadster...

$15.86 AUD

Alternator 16/17ACR 55amp with Fan & Pulley - Left Or Right Hand Fitting GEU216

Alternator 16/17ACR 55amp with Fan & Pulley - GEU216This unit can be adjusted to suit either Lef..

$158.94 AUD

Alternator 17ACR with Fan & Pulley. Left or Right Hand Fitting LRA100 GXE2206

Alternator 17ACR with Fan & Pulley. LRA100     GXE220617ACR alternator with fan &..

$202.62 AUD

Alternator Full Conversion Kit. (GXE2206) A Series Engines including Morris Minor MG Midget A35 etc ALTK

Full conversion kit (including alternator) to replace the dynamo on A-series BMC engines.Alternator ..

$226.36 AUD

Alternator Mounting Kit with Loom and Connector Plug ALT-A

Full Alternator Mounting kit to replace the dynamo on many can be used with Alternator 17ACR..

$47.60 AUD

Badge Tailgate Letter Set MGB GT - 18G8766

Badge Tailgate Letter Set  MGB GT - 18G8766Tailgate badge for MGBGT Models GHD3/4 (to 1969)Like..

$81.42 AUD